What make us different

Jhoomar Bazaar is a premier provider of high-quality lighting solutions for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. With a passion for beauty and innovation, our mission is to provide the finest lighting products that enhance and transform any space.

Our Mission

Our goal at Jhoomar Bazaar is to illuminate and change homes in a superior and elegant manner. We are committed to offering top-notch lighting solutions that mix the depth of tradition with the avant-garde spirit of contemporary design.

We specialise in chandeliers, lights, lamps, and other illuminating fixtures that are designed to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any setting. Our products are crafted with the finest materials, including crystal, glass, and metal, to create a stunning range of lighting solutions that are both functional and beautiful.


Our Vision

Our mission at Jhoomar Bazaar is to adorn homes with style, creativity, and sustainability. We want to be the go-to company for premium lighting solutions that encourage innovation, elevate ambiance, and improve the quality of life for our clients. In our ideal world, every room is transformed into a work of illumination art, tradition and technology coexist together, and sustainability is smoothly included into the craft of lighting. Our unwavering goal is to fill homes with light and happiness, making rooms that not only sparkle but also accurately reflect the individual personalities and aspirations of those who live there.



Our Commitment

Our dedication at Jhoomar Bazaar goes beyond just business; it’s a vow to deliver lighting solutions that improve the appearance and use of your home. Our commitment is grounded in a number of essential values:

Quality Craftsmanship: Excellence, in our opinion, is found in the details. Every lighting fixture Jhoomar Bazaar sells is a work of art, exhibiting painstaking craftsmanship, first-rate supplies, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Aesthetic Brilliance: We realize that lighting is about more than just brightness; it’s also about mood. Our carefully chosen selection features a wide range of design aesthetics, from timelessly elegant classics to cutting-edge creations, making it possible to discover the ideal lighting solution for every home.

Innovation: We make use of the most recent developments in lighting technology to create solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ecologically friendly and energy-efficient. Our line combines innovative technology with creative design.

Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our driving force. Our team of lighting experts is here to guide and assist you, ensuring that your lighting choices are informed and impeccable.

The Jhoomar Bazaar Experience

Our team of lighting specialists is available to you, assisting you in selecting the appropriate options for your room and making sure that your lighting vision becomes a reality.

Every item we sell is put through a thorough quality inspection process to make sure it meets our high standards and surpasses your expectations.

For inspiration, advice, and suggestions on how to enhance the effect of your lighting selections, browse our blog and design resources.

To fit lighting fixtures to your specific preferences and needs, we provide customisation possibilities.

Your safety is our top priority. Strong security precautions are in place on our website to safeguard your personal and financial data.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Jhoomar Bazaar is well conscious of its responsibility to encourage ethical business conduct. We have a strong commitment to sustainability in both our business practices and product lines. Our projects include:

Energy Efficiency: Numerous of our lighting products are energy-efficiently designed, lowering your carbon footprint as well as your energy costs.

Sustainable Materials: When possible, we give priority to using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in our manufacturing operations.

Recycling Programs: We support recycling programs and promote properly getting rid of outdated lighting fixtures.

Community Engagement: We take an active role in promoting social, environmental, and educational causes in our neighborhood.